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Are you a fan of the classic cartoon series Invader Zim? If so, you’re probably already aware of the hilarious and endearing character named Gir. For those who aren’t familiar, Gir is a robot created by Zim, the alien invader. He is also Zim’s companion and main source of entertainment.

quotes about gir has some of the most iconic quotes from the series and his absurd yet strangely insightful remarks will always remain timeless. His jabs at Zim are especially funny and show just how close these two are. If you want to experience true friendship (in an admittedly strange form) at its finest, these quotes from Gir will make you say, “I love Invader Zim.”

quotes about gir

Quotes About Friendship From Gir

Gir, Zim’s robot sidekick, is full of laughs and quips that will make you smile. But what makes his lines so memorable is that they often have a deeper message about friendship and how important it is to never give up on each other. Here are some of Gir’s best quotes about friendship:

“Friends are like sandwiches. All the good ones are taken.”

“I’m glad I chose a friend like you because my other choice was an alligator.”

“A friend helps you move, a really good friend helps you move a body.”

“If one of us ever gets an amazing opportunity in life, the other one should support their dreams 100%.”

Gir’s words of wisdom hold true no matter who your friends are be they robots, aliens or humans. That’s why whenever you feel down or discouraged, remember Gir and let him fill your heart with silly happiness and powerful words about friendship.

Quotes About Gir Love From

If you’re a fan of Invader Zim, then you know that Gir is an endlessly hilarious, over-the-top character. But behind his crazy antics, he has a lot of heart. Here are some of our favorite quotes about love from Gir:

“A good friend will help you move. A best friend will help you uh move stuff like furniture and potatoes.”

“Love is like a piece of bubblegum. It can be all sticky and gross, but if you find the right kind, it can be sweet and chewy and delicious.”

“Sometimes love is quiet, like when your mom gives you a big hug and says she loves you.”

Gir’s silly takes on love are sure to put a smile on your face. Even when life isn’t so rosy, sometimes all it takes is one quote from Gir to make everything seem alright.

Quotes About Adventure From Gir

If you’re like us, then you love Gir and all of his quirky sayings. But he also has some lines that will make you want to jump up, grab life by the horns and go on an adventure. Here are just a few of our favorite quotes from the lovable robot:

“Let’s go on an adventure. And when I say ‘adventure,’ I mean let’s go somewhere and get ice cream.”

“I’m not dressed for adventure. I’m wearing my pajama-dillos.”

“You think this is an adventure? You don’t even know what an adventure means.”

Whether it’s talking about exploring the depths of the ocean or taking a road trip with your pals, Gir always manages to make us long for more in life. His enthusiasm for new experiences is contagious, and these quotes remind us that having fun is easy when we view the world with childlike wonder.

Quotes About Bravery From Gir

Gir is silly, crazy and lovable but he’s also brave. He’s willing to help out Zim in any way he can, whether it’s playing the role of an evil robot or trying his best to destroy something. What makes Gir such a great friend is his willingness to face danger without flinching.

Here are some quotes that prove just how courageous the little robot is:

“I’m brave. I’ll do it.”

“Let us conquer this fear together.”

“We must fight this fear with bravery.”

Gir isn’t afraid of anything, which makes him an inspiring friend for Zim. From battling space creatures to facing villains from Earth, Gir always stands beside his loyal companion. The little robot is willing to face any obstacle head-on, no matter how intimidating it may seem. That’s why we all love him so much he’s brave and unafraid.

Quotes About Inspiration From Gir

Gir, or rather the robot-turned-dog, is one character in Invader Zim that always finds inspiring words to get us through the day. When we’re feeling down, there’s no doubt that these quotes from Gir can make us feel better his enthusiasm and love for life are contagious. Here are some of our favorite quotes from Gir on inspiration:

“I’m gonna make a new friend today.”

Gir reminds us that making new friends isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. He’s always looking for ways to expand his group of pals and takes every opportunity he can to connect with someone new. This quote encourages us to take a risk and push our boundaries when it comes to making new friendships.

Gir recognizes that we all have creative potential within ourselves, and this quote inspires us to find our passions and use them in unique ways. He reminds us that no matter what obstacles stand in our way, there is always something beautiful waiting for us if we just look closely enough.

“I’m invincible. I’m invincibu”

Although Gir may not be as invincible as he thinks he is, his unwavering enthusiasm for life is still admirable. He teaches us that no matter what happens in life, never give up on your dreams or yourself there’s always something new around the corner waiting for you.

Quotes About Happiness From Gir

Gir is full of loads of wonderful quotes about life and happiness, that you’ll want to make sure to remember. Here are a few of Gir’s most memorable quotes about why it’s important to stay happy:

“I like being happy, don’t you?”

This simple quote from Gir conveys in a few words how everyone should pursue happiness in life. After all, nobody wants to be miserable all the time.

“You can never have too much love.”

This heartfelt quote reminds us that it’s always important to show kindness and love to those around us. The world will be much brighter when we show compassion and care for each other.

“Life is joy. Embrace it.”

This one is a great reminder that life should be enjoyed. We should work to find what makes us smile and laugh every day, and make time for the people we love.

Gir’s positive attitude towards life is what makes him such an inspiring character. His quotes remind us that while sometimes things might seem hard, there is always something positive to look forward to.


From loving tacos to playing pranks, Gir’s quotes will leave you feeling inspired and warm-hearted. Who else can make us laugh and feel loved all at the same time? Whether you’re a big fan of Invader Zim or just a fan of Gir, his quotes are sure to make you smile.

Whether you’re in need of a pick-me-up or just want to reminisce on the good times, these quotes from Gir will bring a little extra sunshine into your day. So buckle up, and enjoy this collection of some of Gir’s most memorable moments.

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